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I have retired, thanks for the business over the years.

Visit Blackstone Arms, they are using the same tooling designs and procedures to produce the same high quality barrels.

BLACKSTONE ARMS has taken over the barrel business

The 223/5.56 barrels sold here are not your typical cheap OEM type barrel like PSA, Spikes, Faxon, BCA or any chrome-lined barrel. They have high performance rifling designs and chambers for better accuracy with good ammo.  62gr Gold dots, 55 Noslers, 69smks and 77gr SMKs can all shoot near 1/2MOA. Velocity is typically 60-90fps faster than other barrels.

Our goal is superior accuracy though better chamber and rifling design
ARP barrels may not be a Krieger or Bartlien but I'll put them up against any  AR15 barrel made including Noveske, Wilson Combat and Larue. 
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Sorry but all orders MUST be placed online. 


Due to numerous shipping, fraud and theft problems over the last 14 years. We have a very strict ordering and shipping policy.
We can ship by FEDEX or USPS to residence, business or post offices but the shipping address must match the billing address associated with the credit card used to place the order. The processing company will NOT approve any transaction where the shipping address does not match the billing address, it will trigger the fraud prevention office .  Sorry but, we will no longer ship to apartments complexes because half the time the driver leaves it at the wrong address.
All parts will require a signature upon delivery to prove the item was delivered,
Fed Ex or USPS for PO boxes.  If you do not agree to these terms do not attempt to place an order.

Shipping Restrictions

  • ARP will not ship ANY items to the state of California, as of Oct 1 2022 we can not sell in the state of Fl.
  • Current shipping times 3-4  BUSINESS days

Sorry we do not offer any gunsmithing services.

PSA- Grendel Belted Magnum look
If you are shooting a 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel or any cartridge based on that case and you see your cases come out like this, then back off of your powder charge.
The photo is from a thread on Snipers hide and I know why it happens.

These cases are close to rupturing, you need to back off of the powder charge and you may try slowing down the bolt open to see if that helps.
You can turn off the gas if you have an adjustable gas block, to see if timing is the problem or if it's is really a pressure issue. Unfortuneately this problem usually only occurs with Grendel based cases due to the case wall being very thin near the bottom. Compare the 6.8 to the Grendel in the phto below.

White Oak Armament (WOA)

UPDATE We have no plans to introduce a 6mm ARC barrel.

ORIGINAL POST:  We have been getting a lot of calls and e-mails in the last week or so asking if we are chambering barrels for the new Hornady 6mm ARC. While we have not yet made a decision about 6mm ARC we are quite familiar with the various 6mm cartridges that are designed to work through the AR-15 platform and the limitations and advantages of most of them. The idea of a 6mm cartridge with a case capacity in the 27-30 gr range out of the AR-15 is a great idea with a ton of versatility. You can shoot anything from a light varmint bullet at well over 3400 FPS for varmints to a long 108 or 107 at 2700 for long range target work, or a 87-95 for an effective hunting round with the accuracy and terminal performance to take medium game out to 500 yards. (Sorry, but while you may be able to hit one at much longer ranges, you will not have the terminal velocity for effective bullet performance and good kills past that range.)

Many such cartridges have been developed. Most based on either the 6.8 SPC case with it’s .420 head diameter or the 7.62x39 case with a .440 head size. Hornady chose to go with the larger .440 head size for the 6mm ARC cartridge.

We have built many rifles in various wildcat cartridges on the .440 head size case, as well as the .264 LBC. What we found is that they just do not give the reliability and longevity that we as target shooters need at the pressures that we typically shoot. In the crucible of competitive highpower shooting, where we tend to tip the powder can to the limit of what the case will hold, they did just not hold up. Other gunsmiths built them and had success with them, but lug set-back and breakage was at a level that I was personally uncomfortable with.  At that time I made the decision to not chamber for the .440 head size cartridges. In addition, I feel there are other cartridges that are better for the specific demands of the across the course match rifle shooter.  

Hornady confirmed by my feelings by limiting the new cartridge to 52,000 PSI max pressure. At that pressure bolts and barrel extensions should last a long time. Start tipping the powder can and all bets are off. If you are one to add powder until primers fall out then back off slightly, don’t expect to keep all the lugs on your bolt if you shoot a lot.

I will have to be convinced that the reliability and longevity are there before we start selling them to our customers. We will keep you informed.


    DO NOT USE  bullets that are larger than .277" in these 6.8 barrels, 99.9% of all .270/6.8 bullets made are .277" diameter.  The chambers were designed for .277" bullets and all 6.8 barrels have a .277" bore so bullets larger than .277" will cause excess pressure and increased copper fouling.  It seems some Cavity Back bullets are .278" and on top of that they are solid copper so check the diameter of the bullets before using them.


     AR Performance (ARP)

    Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

    The best way to contact is by email

    Phone: 786-782-8209  8am-5pm eastern time  M- Fri only
    Sorry we do not export anything and do not have a storefront. Everything must be purchased online.